Welcome to my personal website about law, property, business large and small, travel, and life & death.

I have over 30 years experience as a commercial property lawyer. My current focus is on residential, commercial and industrial property developments.

I also advise small and medium businesses from start up to succession, including contracts, mortgages, leasing, franchising, and dispute resolution through mediation and litigation.

I have worked with a number of high profile commercial firms both in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula. For 8 years I managed my own practice.

I am the past President of the Mornington Peninsula Lawyers’ Association and a past trust member of the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

Lawyers love disclaimers. My opinions are mine alone, and not the opinions of anyone or any association that I work with. If you have a question, consult a lawyer for advice specific to your situation.

You can contact me on 0407 331 021.

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